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DVD to AVI Converter Software Reviews

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DVD to AVI Converter Software Review

Why Buy a DVD to AVI Converter?

In 1997 the United States introduced the DVD. Now, nearly fifteen years later you have collection of movies that take up a lot of shelf space, have fingerprints from letting people borrow them and are difficult to transport, what do you do? By using a DVD to AVI converter you can digitize all of your favorites to maximize their use. Create a backup in case of an emergency, add them to your smartphone to watch while waiting in a line or even just snip your favorite segment to show in a lecture. Convert DVD to AVI. This software can do it all.

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DVD to AVI Converter: What to Look For

DVD to AVI software comes with a variety of options to make your DVD collection more mobile. Most software also offers a digital backup option. While researching this software we looked not only at the various available AVI formats, but also at the editing features including cropping, adding subtitle and language tracks, and creating segments. Something else to look for in a DVD to AVI converter is the output options. The best software will enable you to watch your favorite videos on various platforms in a variety of formats. We also checked the help and support offered by the manufacturer to make sure you can get the help you need in case a problem arises. The products that rank the highest in our lineup are the ones with the most source options, editing features, output formats, and manufacturer support.

Conversion Speed & Quality
When you rip DVD to AVI it always takes time; however, depending on the length of the feature and the final quality, the conversion speed varies. We looked at how much time it took to convert various movies, and we also compared the final quality to the original.

AVI Formats
AVI is a video format for Windows, and having the ability to convert your DVDs into a wide variety of AVI formats is the most important feature of the converter software. These formats, and the devices and software with which each is compatible, will determine where and how you can watch your movies. Many of these products include various AVI formats which are useful for unique platforms such as smartphones, game platforms and other media players. Another feature we looked for was the ability to convert the file into HD format. The products with a plethora of format options ranked higher in our side-by-side comparison.

Editing Tools
Sometimes making a clone of the DVD is not enough. Editing options allow for you to choose which audio and subtitle tracks to include. Depending on how large you want the final file to be, you can change the resolution, frame rate and bit rate to suit your needs. Many converters also offer options to crop, capture images, insert watermarks and add effects.

Help & Support
The support we looked most closely at was the tutorials offered by the manufacturer. These tutorials can offer a lot of advice and tips for those who are just starting out. We also wanted to make sure that if you had a question you would be able to conveniently contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Use a DVD to AVI converter to utilize your movie collection to the fullest extent. This is the easiest way to digitize your collection and make it more readily available when you are on the go.